Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I would work for...

The lovely Erin @ Living in Yellow is having a fun link up today.  And what a better link up than a funny one about what you would work for instead of money.  Now while I love me some money – there are definitely some things that I would work for….


Starbucks delivery – Oh I know they have drive thru’s now but let me be real by saying if I didn’t have to get them myself I would be all over that like white on rice.  


Speaking of Rice - Chinese Food Delivery – I see this in the movies – and really wish there was one close to home.  I am all for not having to cook dinner after working so if it is yummy and gets delivered all the more better!!

And while on the subject of not cooking – can I get us a personal chef somewhere?   I would so work for someone else to cook my meals / grocery shop etc. just so I don’t have too!


A good pedicure - every stinking time I try to cut my toenails I make them bleed and when I paint them – oh boy I swear there is more on my skin than on my nails.  I should probably have Kid Clammy paint them for me!!


Jamba Juice Drive Thru and or Delivery  – I love a good Jamba but sometimes with kiddos it’s hard to get out of the car etc.  If they delivered or have a drive thru all the better for me!! 

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