Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend we had - though it wasn't anything over the top like a surprise trip to Disneyland, a NASA trip to the moon or winning a million dollars - it was none the less good.  We had dinner with friends and looked at Christmas lights on Friday night.  Yes this house has full on train set in the front yard complete with two huge trains and cable cars.  Kid Clammy could have sat there for hours and watched!  Saturday we had our family pictures taken - wish I had a sneak peak to share - but nothing yet.  Well you have can this for fun - it was second runner up to for our Christmas card.  

More work was done on the house.  Sunday the kids and I went with my parents to Sonrise Church's "Christmas in the City" musical performance.  Oh my goodness - both kids LOVED it.  They were rocking out to the music! It is always so fun to see things through a child's eye!!  Then I made a ginormous dent in the wrapping of Christmas Presents.  I really think this my least favorite part of Christmas!! I am not very good at it - I don't do pretty fancy bows - I can't get nice sharp corners and edges and it kind of drives me batty.  The last present I wrapped last night looks awful - it was a big box and the paper didn't fit right so it is pieced together and I was over it by that point.  Its a hot mess!!  

We had some more Elf on the Shelf fun. They took "Elfies" with the kids last night. 

All in all it was a fun and productive weekend!  Hope your's was good too!!

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