Thursday, December 5, 2013


Picture it is December 5th 1980.  Some of you may not have been old enough to remember that day, some of you (most of you) weren’t even born or thought of yet but this day was a very significant day in my life.  While I don’t remember it – I know a lot of people who do.  December 5 1980 there was a little girl (me) waiting for a permanent home.  I had been in a foster home (Mrs. Bean – I think) for 10 weeks.  From what I hear she was a special lady – taking in kids temporarily until they got a permanent place to go.  In the mean time there was a couple – a wonderful couple who couldn't have kids of their own for multiple reasons so they sought out for adoption.  One day when the stars aligned (starting December 4th) they got a call “we have a baby”.  The couple went to the adoption place where they met a cute little girl (me again).  They were then told “go home and think about it”.  SAY WHAT!?!?!  So they did – but instead of thinking they starting shopping.  When they started the adoption process they said they would like a child ages 0-2 – so they had no idea what they were getting until they met said child.  Talk about a surprise.  They bought a crib, rocking chair, all the basic essentials to start.  The next day they came back December 5th and took me home.  My mom was scared to death – they went to hand me to her and she made Dad take me first.  The stars had aligned just right – they happy couple were taking home a baby girl and I was getting the best home ever!!   The surprises just kept rolling – they didn’t tell anyone they had gotten “the call” so they went to the grandparents house and just rang the doorbell and there they stood with a baby girl in their arms.  Happy tears erupted from all and so the life of three began.  Twelve Five Nineteen Eighty was in fact a very special day and each year we have a dinner to celebrate the changing of lives forever – for better!!  So today a shout out to my parents – I love you with all my heart.  God could not have aligned the stars any better!! Thank you for you love and the life you have given me!!

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