Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Friday

Holy cow I can't believe its Friday!  Yikes!  I think I completely missed this week!  I was sitting here feeding sissy and say the blogger ap on my phone and thought oh snap I have blogged all of once this week!  Blog fail!  Goes right along with my mom fail of sending two different shoes for Kid Clammy to daycare (both right feet least they were both tennis shoes?!?!?!). Any how in with 5 on Friday ... Christmas edition.  

1) Kids pics with Santa!  

2) More Elf Fun!


A note to try and help behavior!  

Toilet Papered Christmas Trees

3). Boots I asked for for Christmas!
Hopefully I was a good girl!

4). Citrus Lane
Citrus Lane
I am so excited that we joined!! I have been seeing on quite a few blogs how much all the moms and kiddos are loving these boxes.  We got our first box the other day - although I am ashamed to admit we haven't opened it yet.  With all the hustle and bustle we just put it off to the side to be opened at a later time.  But I am sure we will love whatever is inside!

5).  IT'S FRIDAY!!! (that's all - oh and only 5 days till Christmas!!)

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Amira said...

I'm impressed that neither of your kids cried on Santa's lap! Avery was hysterical haha.

Also, you will LOVE Citrus Lane, I think I look forward to it more than Avery hehe.