Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fall Bucket List Update - and Winter Bucket List

*Go to the Pumpkin Patch (had a great time)
*Use our 2nd day free at Lego Land (went with some friends and had fun - did more things than the last time)
*Take Kid Clammy to Disneyland for the Halloween time (decided to postpone this with the timing of the house and what not)
*Family day at SeaWorld for Halloween festivities (ended up just the kids and I but we had a lot of fun)
*Picnic in the park (should've looked back on my list sooner to get this done)
*Date Night with Hubby for our Anniversary (already started this one in the works yesterday) (Went to Morton's for dinner on our anniversary and then went to see Paul Rodriguez for a comedy show date night)
*Have the kids pictures taken in their costumes (they turned out so cute)
*Enjoy the sites and changing season around me - (meaning take more notice of the leaves falling, changing color etc.) (just the other day we were raking and playing in the falling leaves outside - too fun)
*Go on more walks with the kids to enjoy above mentioned sites (total fail)

Winter Wonderland Bucket List

*Explore different areas of Christmas Lights
*Have fun with Eli the Elf and now his sister that joined us.

*Christmas Baking
*New Years at the Desert
*House Projects
*Go to Seaworld
*Go to the Zoo
*Enjoy the Holiday Season (they tend to overwhelm and upset me)
*Drink lots of Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider (maybe even some spiked)
*Gingerbread House
*Christmas Movie

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