Monday, June 9, 2014

Mother's Day Isn't Just One Day

I know that we celebrate Mother's Day on a specific Sunday each May and it is a holiday I would never go without!  It gives me a chance to thank all the wonderful mother's in mine and my family's life that often I forget to thank throughout the year.  This year I was lucky enough to have a great Mother's Day (with the exception of an urgent care trip for Sissy), however my celebration continues everyday when I get to love, hug, watch, help, and anything else with my babies.  A week or two after Mother's Day this year I received two very special gifts.  The adorable bag my Mother in Law made for me with the kiddos hand prints and the jar with special card and notes came from Kid Clammy's preschool.  There were a few different notes inside of things that he told his teachers were special about me.  Such things were "She takes me to Home Depot" and "She gives me Oreo's".  I mean what is cuter than that?  I love the thought that went into each one of these special gifts.  I also love that these gifts came after the fact as it is a reminder that we should celebrate those special mothers in our lives more than just once a year (and on their birthdays of course).

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