Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May & June Goals

Here we go for May!

Celebrate my Hubby - This is his birthday month and so we are celebrating twice! This was great - we went to Rodney Carrington on Friday and celebrated with family and a few friends on Sunday. 

Mother's Day - Celebrate the wonderful Mother's in our lives with our annual camping brunch. It was a great morning - then the afternoon kind of fell apart when we ended up in Urgent Car with Sissy and an ear infection.  She is all better now thank goodness!

#1800minutechallenge - do my very best to complete - or at least get over half way!!  At this rate I probably won't make it to all 1800 minutes - but this challenge has definitely gotten me off the couch more than normal so there is an upside!  Well I didn't get to all #1800 minutes but I did get 750 minutes which in my book is way better than nothing.  I loved seeing all the people participating in the challenge.  

Pray - Religion is not something that I talk about personally very often.  I have my beliefs as so many others, but I find them very personal.  I have been wanting to explore religion and a relationship with God a little more lately so this is something that I working on.  Baby steps for sure - so for now I am working on my prayers! I am rather proud of myself for this one.  I have prayed just about every night and Kid Clammy says a little, 

Repeat - Some of the above goals - ie - taking care of me (finally got a pedi), building a business etc.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - I try not to let things bother me to much - but I do need to remind myself that there are a lot of things out of my control and I just "let it go" life would be a tiny bit less stressful! I am not crossing this one off the list because while I feel I did very well with it - it's always a good reminder!!

More Unpacking - Yes I know how bad this sounds - but I still have unpacking to do.  I try to do a couple boxes a week - so hopefully I can keep up with that!! This is still a work in progress but progress has been made.  

Now for June

Get our life in order...

**Make sure all car registrations are in both names

**Update our will and family trust

**Work on boxes outside - transfer to plastic tubs, organize, get rid of stuff

**Empty Shed at Mom & Dads - this may be a stretch but we will see what happens

**Continue working on me -building a Beachbody business, budgeting, weight loss, being happy, etc.  I know this is ongoing, but I can always use a reminder.

I know this seems a little like I am preparing for dooms day - but we have lost some people in our lives recently that were taken from this earth way too soon for my liking and it just goes to show that you never know what life has in store for you.  I am making this month my goal to make sure that for goodness sakes if anything ever happens to the hubby, myself or both of us that there is no extra crap that any one has to deal with!  

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Angie said...

I think being prepared is always a smart idea.