Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A concert

So a few months back my girlfriend was talking about taking her son to see One Republic.  I was oooh, oooh, oohh, I wanna go (said in my best 3 year old voice).  So she bought three tickets.  As the concert grew closer I started to get nervous that we would still be on vacation- but as you can see it all worked out. Literally the concert was the Monday after we got home.  I do have to say in my "older more wiser" age, concerts on a week night are totally worth it  (if it is good) but so hard the next day!!  Man was I tired!! (I am sure just being home from vacation didn't help!)

Anywho, the concert consisted of American Authors (only knew one song but still good), The Script (knew two songs - also good) and One Republic (loved, loved, loved)

Love the photo bombers (totally deserved)
This was my view unless I leaned to the left or leaned to right or stood up. 
We had a really great time - I liked all three bands but of course One Republic was my favorite.  All three bands were really personable with the crowds, we sang, we danced and it was  fun night!!
Happy Hump Day!!

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Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

How fun is this?! Concerts are my favorite, cute blog!!