Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Confession Link Up

Hello all you fabulous readers.

Today I am participating in confession link up found through the fabulous Juliette who leads me to the blog of Kathy hostess with the mostess for this link up.

So on with the "confessions"

...I love the camel commercial about Hump Day and realized today I am a little sad I have seen it in awhile so you are welcome now...

...I am finding it hard to find direction in life.  The whole should I change jobs, should I do this or that, its hard, its overwhelming, so instead I stay in the same spot in life.

...I am planning a party this weekend and just when I think I have everything together I remember one more thing (or twenty five) that I need.  Fingers crossed all goes well as it is a surprise and hoping I pull it off!

...I have over spent and over shopped this month - oops!  I blame the thought of 

...I have been eating way too much sugar lately - oh well - there's always tomorrow right?

...At the doctors this morning my blood pressure was on point - so no more meds for me!

...I am chalk full of excuses right now...I will start on Monday, or after the party!

...I am stuck in a rut in life and don't know how to get out

...I have watched Toy Story 2 three times in the last 4 days

...I enjoy a good blogging link up especially when the picture includes the hottie below!

Vodka and Soda


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Trying to be better should always start on a Monday. That's what I think anyways!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i have my daughter's bday party this weekend as well and with work being super crazy the past 2 weeks, i haven't had time to do anything and i'm FREAKING OUT!! hope yours goes off without a hitch :)

thanks for linking up!

Nats ~Coral Tinted Perceptions said...

I always say " maybe tomorrow" but really I agree with Kate, Mondays are the best days to commit lol