Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday

Showing up late to the party today - but wanted to link up before the ladies take a much needed summer vacation from the link up!

1. It's Friday - it was a busy week so here is some pure cuteness for you!  I mean this girl - I can't help but smile whenever I see her!

2. Yesterday the hubby raced at our local yearly fair.  He partipated in the Beach Buggy event.  He finished 4th overall but we had a great day at the fair to boot!

3. This is one of my other favorite faces!  This boy has my heart and knows how to make a momma feel loved!

4. After the fair - Sissy and I made a mad dash to downtown with my dad for a special public celebration / memorial for a San Diego Icon - Padre Tony Gwynn!  He was an incredible baseball player but more importantly he was a man who loved his family, his team, his fans, and San Diego.  It was an amazing tribute and I am so happy that I went!  

5. Day Drinkin' the song by Little Big Town - I am loving it and want to be doing more of it! LOL!!  Happy Friday!!

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