Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday or Friday and Thankful

I know that today is Friday I mean Wednesday but it could almost be classified as a Friday.  Its actually a little confusing really. Yes the "day" itself today is call Wednesday - so Happy Hump Day  - however since it is a holiday tomorrow (holla) and lets not forget Friday too that means a glorious FOUR whole days off of work - so technically today is my Friday!!  Great things are happening and coming this weekend of course. 

First I have gone from this ...

to this. 

This is big news since I have have pies to make.  Second there is this...Thanksgiving!! Yum-o.  So much delicious food to be consumed tomorrow and the days following.  We are spending this Thanksgiving with the Hubby's family this year.  I am bringing pies and green bean casserole.  The only two staples to a Thanksgiving dinner that really matter - you know what I am sayin?  Then there is the all so famous Black Friday Shopping.  I don't do this every year because lets face it Cyber Monday is pretty bad ass too and you don't even have to leave the comfort of you couch for that one (unless you have to go to actual work).  I will be partaking in black Friday festivities this year - so wish me luck with that.  We are also planning on spending a day or so in the desert as well as work on the house.  It is sure to be jammed packed but that's OK. 
Now a few things I am Thankful for - in no particular order.

-Friends that have become Family
-My Health
-This Blog
-Our home we are putting sweat equity into
-Peppermint Bark Balls

Just to name a few!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Count you Blessings!!

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