Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday!!

Dear Friday – I just love saying your name.  You have so many good qualities about you – like once you are here that means two days off work and two whole entire days home with my babies.  You mean fun times on the weekend.  You mean I don’t have to answer the phone and talk to customers for two whole days!!  You most definitely put a smile on my face.

Dear Weekend – you will be spent in one of our favorite places – the desert.  Camping, dunning, dirt digging, playing, family time – yeah for you!!

Dear Desert – It’s been a while since we have seen you since you get WAY TOOOOO HOT during the summer months and we had to cut your season short this past year because of our baby girl – although we missed you she was totally worth it.  We will be seeing you in just a few hours!!

Dear Hubby – I know you are excited about the desert – it is your happy place!!  Enjoy every minute of it because life is about to get crazy busy with a home remodel on our hands.

Dear House – Welcome to the family.  We are very excited to have you and hope that our remodel goes as smoothly as possible and we get to move in before say 2092.  I kid I kid – the sooner the better!!

Dear Kiddos – I know that I tell you all the time that I love you but that is because my heart bursts with love for you both.  I cannot imagine my life without you but is a good night’s sleep too much to ask for?  Mommy is really really really tired.  Did I say really tired?  I mean tired beyond belief!  But even though I am super duper exhausted you both are what truly makes me happy (well and Daddy too!)

Dear November - How are you here already?  Time just keeps flying by faster and faster!!  I welcome you because of fall weather but can you stick around for awhile and not go by so fast?  Its funny I was saying today wow I can't believe its already November and someone said "yeah I know it was just October yesterday"   haha!! I love me a stupid joke!!

 Hope you all have a good weekend!!

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