Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome Monday!!

Monday you should feel oh so lucky that I am but even loathing you today. While yes I have to work it's only three days. Oh that is music to my ears. This means some great things are on the horizon. For instance. 
3 days until Thanksgiving 
3-4 ish days until Black Friday Shopping. I haven't decided if I am partaking in this or just going to wait til cyber Monday. But either way Christmas shopping shall be finished. 

30 Days until Christmas

26 Days to finish shopping and don't forget wrapping this my friends is a little frightening. (I don't want to be shopping the days before)

1 day yes 1 whole day until the cast comes  off.     
At the moment this is what I am most excited about. Excited to be able to write normal again. Excited to be able to dry/straighten my hair again. Excited it won't take me five minutes to button 3 snaps on Sissy's onesie. Oh life will be so much easier. 

As for a weekend Shenans recap
Hubby worked very hard on the house. 
Plumbing and gas lines finished. Appliances purchased. Walls torn down and being rebuilt. Tile floor in the bathroom. The kids and I just did a little bit of this and that. Hope you had a great weekend!!

Sami's Shenanigans

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