Monday, November 11, 2013

Well hello there!!

Coming at ya still one handed. I am trying to make the best of it however it's tough. Trying to zip mine or kid Clammy's pants. Trying to open my prescription. Blow drying hair. Yeah not so much. Even though it's been an adjustment we still managed to have some fun and be productive this weekend. Saturday we took Kid Clammy back to Legoland. Our tickets were good for a second trip within 90 days. Sissy of course went to along with a few of our friends. This time it was much less crowded and not as hot. We were able to do some of the same rides and even some new ones!  We closed the park down and had a great time. Sunday while the hubby worked on the house a bit my sister in law and I took our kiddos to have Christmas pictures done then later in the afternoon the hubs and I and my mom (thank goodness) headed to the home improvement store for stuff for the house. Several carts later we made quiet a dent in the stuff we needed. Now to start another week!!


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