Thursday, July 25, 2013


So I love me some social media. Back in the day there was the good ole MySpace. Does anyone remember that! I am sure I am making myself look totally old right now but oh we'll. I have since moved on to a Facebook account and find myself checking on people's status' a few times a day, or play Candy Crush, and looking a photos and funny sayings. I also have Instagram which who doesn't just love it.   For me it seems far less dramatic than Facebook so that's a plus right there.  Not to mention all the fun things I am learning to do with the pictures!  Then comes along Twitter.  I mean how could you not love a cute little bird symbol?  Well it took me awhile to jump on that band wagon. I signed up and mainly just looked at pics because I was not getting the whole "RT" and tweet and only limited characters. Well now that I am following more people and blogging a little more I apparently need help. I STILL don't get twitter and I wish I did. So I guess I need some pointers, tips, lessons something to help me understand how this whole thing works. I assume you can't comment on something someone says unless you retweet?  I think you "tag" someone in their tweet by using the @ sign and their twitter name.  Am I anywhere close?  This is all so complicated in my book. 
Bottom line I would like to be more tweet-tastic so hook a sister up. Send tips, advice, dos don'ts anything. Then you could follow my progress on twitter @bbax562 
Maybe just maybe there will be hope for me yet!

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