Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello Blogging World!! Welcome to my blog.  This is my very first blog and very first blog post!!  I am in fact a newbie!  I am very excited about this journey I am embarking on and hope you will join me in the fun.  I know it won’t be easy and I am sure that I will need help along the way.  Why a blog?  Well I think it would be a good release for me.  What do I plan to post about?  Family, Fun, my kiddo - who I happen to think is just darling, and whatever else comes to mind.  

I am not fashionable (hoping to be with the help of the blogging world), I can be creative (sometimes), but I love to try new things this being one of them.  I have a love for photography – though I am hoping this blog will inspire me to take more pictures.  I  hopefully will learn from myself and others as well help others!  That’s probably why I went to school to be a teacher.   
Any-whooizle sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

you have a darling kiddo AND you say "any-whooizle". you will do great. no doubt.