Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its Love

I love blogs!! I mean seriously I could literally read them ALLLL FREAKIN DAY!!!  Except I can’t.  I have this thing called a job that stands in the way.  Nuts-a-roni-macaroni!!  Anywhoooo – I have found some really awesome blogs.  There are quite a few that I enjoy checking out now and again, new ones that I keep finding, and then there are the ones where I actually look forward to their posts and love reading each one.  I guess this could be considered stalker tendencies or something – I call it loving good GREAT blogs!!  Here are a few of my favs that you have probably heard of, read, and fell in love with, but if not check ‘em out!!

Erin from Living in Yellow

Tiff from The Coffeehouse 

Leslie from A Blonde Ambition 

Christina from Carolina Charm

So go check them out!!!

1 comment:

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

whoa. that scared me. I wasn't prepared to see my name. I'm humbled ... especially to be next to those other 3. love them!