Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday

Hello Friday!!! Hello May!!!  Wow - May - really  - where did you come from???  We have a big weekend ahead of us...Hubby's Birthday is tomorrow... we are celebrating a few different times throughout the weekend!!    In the mean is some Fun Friday Fotos for you!! (keeping with the F theme!!)

1) Having fun with Sissy taking Selfies and family bike rides at the beach.

2) We went to the Rodeo with some friends the other week - its always a good time

3) Celebrating a friends new adventure as they are getting ready to move out of state

4) Celebrating one of your nieces birthdays

5) Neighborhood adventures...the kids have been asking to go for walks lately so we have been exploring different areas of our neighborhood - and this was the sun from last night!

Happy Friday!! I will be back next week with my goals update!! 

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