Monday, May 4, 2015

May Goals


1. Get items ready for garage sale next month - I started but did not finish this - so some progress was made

2. Celebrate a family who is moving out of state (kind of a given that we already RSVP'd to the party - but I feel productive this way - We had a great time at the party - sad to see them leave but excited for their next adventure

3. It's my month to host Bunco - so here's to having a successful night with good friends and good food. - It was a great night...I made a baked potato bar and it was a hit!

4.  Finish my left over book from March...according to my kindle I am 80% of the way through...and I have another book I want to start.  I am finding it's hard to read two at a time!  - CHECK MATE!! Finally finished the 5 Love Languages and also read The Duff.  

5.  Call regarding some home bills (cable, internet etc...) and see about how to save money - I tried this and got so frustrated I gave up...maybe I will try again in June.  

Welcome to May  - wait what?!?!? May already?  How did that happen?  

1. Celebrate Mother's Day - hosting brunch for all the special mom's in our lives. 

2. Celebrate the Hubby's birthday (already able to cross this off the list)

3. Read at least one more book 

4.  Work in Kid Clammy's classroom 1 morning this month

Happy May!!!

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