Friday, May 29, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!

1) Four day work weeks are the best!!

2) Last weekend we went to Legoland and picked fresh strawberries -

3) I did a TBT yesterday sharing a girl picture of me and one of Sissy...she is on the left. I laugh because everyone says we are twins but I don't really see it. Maybe we have the same nose but that's about it. 

4) This girl - even though she didn't feel good and had a temp ranging from 101-103 she is still a trooper and hung out with me for part of the workday yesterday.

5) Got this little take home box from my mom this morning when I dropped off Sissy...its my fav dessert from the restaurant they went too...chocolate peanut butter pie. YUMMMMY!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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