Friday, May 16, 2014

High Five for Friday

Linking up for some High Five on Friday Fun!!

1.  It's the weekend!! Yeah!!

2. New Doors - yeah for new doors!! We got a new front door and new back door installed in the last week!  We are almost finished with inside projects!! Yeah.  Not to mention we have the last two new windows coming in soon!  I should have taken a picture of our old doors but they were old and ugly so I will spare you!!

3. Swim Lessons - I love that my kids love the water so much and this guy is practically a professional swimmer!!

4.  On that note- gymnastics!  Kid Clammy loves it and the teachers are always cracking up at him because he has no fear and is CRAZY!!  (sorry for the blurry pic - but my Iphone doesn't have "sports" mode)

5. This game drive.  It is for such an awesome cause and we have been following Parker's journey since the beginning.  He is such a tough kids and has the strongest family, friends and community supporting him.  We are hosting a drop off location at the Hub's shop and are so proud to be able to be a part of the fundraiser.  

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