Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday my Friends!!

Linking up with the High Five On Friday Ladies!

1) Happy Happy Birthday to my amazing Hubby!!!

2) It's Friday and I am off work!!  Took the day off because it's the Hubby's birthday today and I thought we would be out of town.  We are not but I still took the day off - this momma needs to get some stuff done!

3) Birthday Celebrations of all sorts this weekend - Hubby's tonight and Sunday night.  Two kiddo birthday parties - its jam packed weekend filled with fun!

4) Pedicure - if all else fails I am getting a pedicure today.  I haven't had one in months and my toes are horrible!! It is much needed for this girl!!

5) Just to embarrass myself - I worked out last night - and yes I am wearing Halloween socks (in May) and yes they are two different Halloween socks. So what's more embarrassing - the fact that the socks are mismatched or that I have two different pairs of socks for a one day holiday?  Hmm...not sure!

Happy Friday!

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