Friday, March 28, 2014

Peaks & Pits

This post is inspired by and idea that Stormy over at Life's A Dance about your Pits and Peaks of the week.  We all have them and sometimes we want to vent or brag about them! So here we go...

Pit - Working in a short staffed office makes for an even busier day.

Peak - Working in a short staffed office.  Yes I know what I said above - but here's the thing, while my workload increases quite a bit, it does make the days go by faster, keeps others from needing my help (those who are gone) and I somehow get more work done.

Pit - Not getting much put away around the house.  I was hoping to have more done but it just didn't work out. (See below for one part of the reason why)

Peak - getting my hairs did!  They be looking fab!

Peak - finally got the washer and dryer working so you know what the means - clean clothes all around!

Pit - the washer and dryer are working - that means I actually have to do laundry now!

Peak - It's Friday!! So go check out Stormy's blog!

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