Monday, March 3, 2014


February Goals Update

Meal Plan More
Meaning actually plans meals and stop winging it!
**Epic fail on this!! 

Continue the 52 week money challenge
Hoping this will help me continue to learn to be a better saver!
Not as consistent as I would like but still trying to do it each week!

Move into the house
I am not setting an actual date and I am sure that we won't be unpacked or fully settled but hopefully by the end of the month we will at least be living in the house!
Well dang we haven’t made it yet but we are getting so much closer!!

Find success in the Shakeology and Beach Body
Though I know it won't be easy I really want to do this for myself.  I want to get healthier and I am going to do my best to have the most successful first month I can!

This I am happy to report I have been very good about.  I have had a Shakeology almost everyday, I have lost about 6 pounds and done more workouts in a month than I have in the last year I think.  Though I have a ways to go – I am making progress and can say that I am very proud of myself!

Celebrate Sissy's 1st Birthday
Man o Man I can't believe my baby is going to be one.  While we are having her party after her actual birthday I want to make sure we celebrate her right!

This was a success for sure!! She loved the cake and the party was a huge success as well!  Happy birthday sweet baby girl!!

March Goals

Find success in the Shakeology and Beach Body
Continue the challenge group and start working on growing my business!

Move into the house
(Take 2)

Continue the 52 week money challenge

Taking it a little easy on myself this month since we have so much going on!

Weekend Recap!

Friday was spent hanging at home – nothing special. 

Saturday was spent baking, frosting and prepping for Sissy’s birthday festivities!  We made cupcakes with homemade butter cream frosting decorated to look like Minnie Mouse and a special “smash” cake for the birthday girl. 

Sunday was party day!  We went to an indoor play structure where even the adults can play so it was fun for all!! (Another post to come later)
Later my mom, a few friends and I worked on cleaning up the house so we are closer and closer to move in. 

All in all it was busy but great weekend!

The Rachael Way

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