Thursday, March 13, 2014


Whitney Ellen for IWYP wrote a wonderful post about loving yourself and not too often we are our very own worst critics.  We are the hardest on ourselves and find it the hardest to love ourselves.  But as Whitney put it  - “If you can't love yourself, why should anyone else?”
It’s so very true – we have to put ourselves first sometimes but we have to make sure that we love ourselves.  I know I am always making sure my kids and hubby know how much I love them and that I would do anything for them but how am I setting a good example for them to learn to love themselves if I don’t love me nor how can I expect them to love me?  So today I am going to love on myself a little bit and try to remember to do it more frequently! 
So today I love that I am a good mom, a good wife, a good daughter and a good friend.  I am proud of myself for doing things for me – to make myself better in order to be better.  I am a good person and I love that about me!

In this picture I just finished working out.  It’s no glamour shots and I don’t look my best but I look real and after having talked myself out of working out more than I told myself I should I did it anyway and felt great after!  So today – give yourself some love!!

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