Tuesday, February 3, 2015


So - I practically failed at all of my goals for the month of January!!  The only things I managed to do were finish one book and host friends for dinner.  I guess 2 is better than none.  

1) Pack my lunch at least 4 of the 5 work days - I actually did this all but one week - so not too bad.  So I will only cross half of it out.

2) Pick up house each night before bed - even if its 1 room (and for goodness sakes get all the laundry put away) - Yeah - so didn't happen like I wanted it to!!

3) Empty shed at Mom & Dad's - Well you win some and lose some...This didn't happen but the month of January just got away from me!

4) Clean out kids toys & clothes.  I have slightly started this - as it really is an ongoing project!

5) Have a garage sale - then donate what's left over (gotta pay for the kids college somehow) - Nope - not even close

6) Finish at least 1 book   I read the Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks - Loved it!!

7) Host friends for dinner.  I am not talking a big dinner party but have another family over for dinner.  We have this habit of saying let's get together and then we never do...it's time to change that!   We actually hosted friends one night, family two nights - so I think that is a win!

I think that's a good start!!

Moving on to February...

1.  Continue packing lunches 

2. Try getting up on time so as not to feel so rushed in the morning

3. Read another book

4. Keep working on the house organization and purging

5. Celebrate Sissy's second birthday!

6. Host another set of friends for dinner

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