Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Already....

Five days into March...and I am just now posting my goals...yikes!! It must be a sign its going to be a busy month!!
February Goals...

1.  Continue packing lunches - This was ok - but there is definitely room for much improvement!

2. Try getting up on time so as not to feel so rushed in the morning - This happened the majority of them month...except the days that I stayed up too late. 

3. Read another book - I am reading two right now...but still need to finish them!

4. Keep working on the house organization and purging - FAIL!!

5. Celebrate Sissy's second birthday! - This was the best part of the entire month!! This was a HUGE success!!

6. Host another set of friends for dinner - OOPPSSSSIE FAIL

For March...
Some of the goals from above will continue - so no need to repeat them..but for some new ones...

1. Finish both books I am currently reading.

2. Host some friends for dinner

3.  Organize my life - house, schedule, budget you name it I need to get working on it!!

4. Take some me time - this involves - getting my hair did, a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed!

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