Monday, November 10, 2014

A look into life...

Hello blog!! My its been a few days.  Just stopping in to update with a small glimpse into what we have been up too.  Last week a friend turned 40 so thanks to groupon we did a wine (or beer for me) paint night.  While it was fun it sure is stressful at the same time!  

Above is what the paint is supposed to look like...Below is mine!

This past Saturday night a few of us went to an Aztecs football game.  That is our big college team - and while I went more for the cheerleaders (my niece is one) and the Sky Show - the Aztec won so that made it even better!!

The other morning I went in to get Sissy - and this is how I found her!

Kid Clammy got a new toy in the mail from his Uncle. 

Sleepy boy - this is what happens at 6:30 pm on a Sunday with no nap and playing hard all weekend!

Sissy is practicing her selfies!  Or as she calls them "elfies"

Happy Monday!

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