Friday, June 7, 2013


Ok I know its not just me that feels overwhelmed with life - but my goodness is it crazy right now.  I know I have a lot of  'splanin to do as to my hiatus of blogging.  Just know each day I have good intentions to post something and then life happens, kids need tending too, sleep needs to be had, laundry is screaming from the hamper, working the job has to be done - YIKES!! Its gets to be alot.  So I put this out there - when you feel overwhelmed what do you do?  How do you keep it all together? 
Just a shot of part of my desk at work.  The to-do list in my head is even messier, my emotions are a larger disaster and so on and so forth.  But it could be worse!!
Happy Friday - have a great weekend!!

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